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What is the big deal with pet waste?

Believe it or not, pet waste is not good fertilizer for your front yard, or anyone else’s. Pet waste contains bacteria, viruses and parasites that can be detrimental to water quality if it is not picked up and disposed of properly. Rain will pick up pet waste and deposit it into the rivers, ponds, lakes and the ocean where we all swim and catch fish from, which can cause significant health concerns. Since stormwater is not diverted to a water treatment facility, every bit of pet waste not picked up lands directly in our local waters.

This can be easily prevented by simply picking up your pet waste and properly disposing of it. Pet waste can be placed in the garbage or flushed down the toilet where it will go to a wastewater treatment facility. Some communities may have pet waste bag dispensers located around parks and other pet walking areas. If not, be sure to carry extra bags with you while walking your pet. You can also be proactive by placing a sign at your local dog park, reminding everyone to kindly pick up after their pets and warning them of the potential threats of pet waste. After all, no one wants to step in an unpleasant surprise anyway.

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