Coastal Waccamaw Stormwater Education Consortium
Helping local governments meet requirements for stormwater education and public involvement

Past Training Events

The following is a list of past education and training events by year. This list will continue to be updated so that all may have access to this resource.


01-07-17 Water Quality Communication Workshop Resources


07-25-16 Town of Surfside Beach Stormwater Advisory Committee Education Presentation
04-28-16 Town of Surfside Beach Stormwater Advisory Committee Education Presentation
04-06-16 Property Management Workshop: Protecting Your Stormwater Facilities
01-28-16 Understanding Water Quality in Residential Communities: A Workshop for Real Estate Professionals


09-23-15 Coastal Vulnerability
03-13-15 (and 11-12-15) Getting to Know Your Neighborhood Stormwater System (2015)


08-05-14 Coastal Digital Tools
02-04-14 (and 01-30-14) Getting to Know Your Neighborhood Stormwater System (2014)
01-22-14 Stormwater Ocean Outfall Construction Site Tour


8-22-13 Stormwater on Wheels Tour for StormCon 2013


11-15-12 Withers Swash Watershed Tour
11-07-12 Introduction to Coastal GIS
10-11-12 Encouraging LID Through Public Education, Outreach and Involvement
10-10-12 Citizen Science: Data Collection in Storm Drain Marking Program
10-03-12 Coastal Wetland Identification Course
06-12-12 Considering Climate in Decision Support for Resilient Coastal Communities
05-01-12 Landscaping Options Around Neighborhood Ponds
04-03-12 Project Design and Evaluation
03-27-12 Plant and Landscaping Choices for Riparian Buffers
03-13-12 Watersheds, Stormwater & You!
03-03-12 The Grand Strand Stormwater Pond Management Conference
02-02-12 Getting to Know Your Neighborhood Stormwater System (2012)
01-25-12 Water Words That Work


12-14-11 Drought and Salinity Intrusion in the Coastal Yadkin-Pee Dee Basin
11-15-11 Dogwood Swash Watershed Tour
11-03-11 A Local Officials Guide to the Community Rating System
10-25-11 Horry County Stormwater Advisory Board
10-06-11 Introducing Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience Workshop
10-06-11 Waccamaw River Volunteer Monitoring Annual Data Conference 2011
08-04-11 Rainwater Harvesting & Water-Smart Landscaping Seminar
06-14-11 Isolated Wetlands: Roles, Regulations and Rulings Workshop


08-19-10 Stormwater Ponds: Managing Your SW BMP – Burgess Neighborhood Leadership Roundtable
08-05-10 Beyond Pipe and Pond
07-20-10 “Make a Difference One Storm Drain Marker at a Time”
06-16-10 The Coastal Society’s 22nd International conference – Local Solutions to Local Problems: A Stormwater Education Collaborative
04-29-10 Stormwater on Wheels Mobile Workshop
03-02-10 Property Management Workshop


12-01-09 Stormwater, Water Quality, and Your Role in Horry County
10-20-09 LID in Practice: Case Studies from Hobcaw Barony
04-02-09 Myrtle Beach Property Management Workshop
03-11-09 Stormwater & SC – A Case for Low Impact Development
03-10-09 Bioretention Systems Design & Installation Seminar
02-24-09 Surfside Beach: Issues, Solutions, and Strategies to Stormwater Management
02-04-09 Permeable Paver Design & Installation Seminar


10-27-08 Briarcliffe Acres Stormwater Workshop
07-23-08 National Marine Educators Association Conference
07-17-08 Getting to Know Wetlands: Innovative Planning & Development Approaches
07-10-08 SC American Public Works Association Conference
06-09-08 Total Maximum Daily Loads
05-28-08 Stormwater: LID, Economics, BMPs, Site Inspections, & Regulations
05-21-08 Property Management: Protecting Your Stormwater Facilities
01-17-08 Getting to Know Wetlands


12-07-07 CWSEC Biannual Meeting
07-11-07 Pervious Concrete Design and Construction
06-25-07 Coastal Stormwater BMPs
06-12-07 CWSEC Biannual Meeting


11-29-06 Clear Water Contractor Training
09-14-06 Conway City Council Special Meeting
04-19-06 Horry County Stormwater Training
03-09-06 Murrells Inlet Chowder Talk Training
02-13-06 Georgetown County Stormwater Training


11-03-05 Surfside Beach Nonpoint Source Training