Coastal Waccamaw Stormwater Education Consortium
Helping local governments meet requirements for stormwater education and public involvement

CWSEC & Partner Publications and Outreach

Find below, information on rain gardens, rain barrels, pet waste, stormwater awareness/water quality, stormwater ponds, yard care, watersheds and more…

Rain Gardens

SC Rain Garden Manual, Carolina Clear
How to Build a Rain Garden Trifold Brochure
Build a Rain Garden!
Suitable Rain Garden Plants
Rain Garden Postcard

Rain Barrels

The Carolina Clear Rain Barrel Manual
How to build a rain barrel
Rain barrels and catchment systems
Harvest the Rain
Rain Barrel Postcard

Pet Waste

Scoop Your Pet Poop!
Pet Waste Postcard

Stormwater Awareness and Water Quality

Plant Vegetated Buffers!
Never Put Anything Into A Storm Drain!
Don’t be a Litter Bug!
Stormwater Postcard
General Stormwater Poster

Stormwater Ponds

SW Pond & Wetland Maintenance Guidebook

Yard Care

Compost Yard Waste!
Minimize Fertilizer Use!


Basic Concepts in Watershed Planning
Introduction to Better Site Design
Understanding Watershed Behavior
The Tools of Watershed Protection
The Economics of Watershed Protection
On Watershed Education
Microbes and Urban Watersheds, Part 1
Microbes and Urban Watersheds, Part 2
Microbes and Urban Watersheds, Part 3
Microbes and Urban Watersheds, Part 4

Miscellaneous Stormwater Publications

CWSEC Trifold Brochure
Model to Assess Impact of BMPs on Water Quality
Eight-Step Approach to Stormwater Retrofitting
Properly Maintain Your Vehicle!
Report Erosion and Sediment Problems!
Minimize Impervious Surfaces!
Maintain Your Septic System!
Septic Care Postcard
Fats, Oil & Grease Postcard for residents and restaurants
Pressure Washing Postcard
Illicit Discharge Business Cards for residents Style 1
Illicit Discharge Business Cards for residents style 2