Coastal Waccamaw Stormwater Education Consortium
Helping local governments meet requirements for stormwater education and public involvement

Student & Teacher Resources

The following lessons, activities, presentations, and resources can be used to teach students of all ages about watersheds, water quality, and the connectivity between daily actions and local water resources.

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What’s In A Watershed?

What’s In A Watershed: Condensed Outline
Watersheds, Water Quality & You
Stormwater Issues & Solutions

Lessons and Activities

Storm Drain Marking

Stormwater and Watershed Interactive Classroom Lessons from Carolina Clear
Build Your Own Watershed Model
The River Game
Swamp Similes/Marsh Metaphors

Watershed Awareness

Who Dirtied the Water?
Floating and Sinking Litter
A Fish’s Wish
Life in a Fish Bowl
Solutions to Stormwater Pollution
10 Ways to Protect South Carolina’s Watersheds

Estuary Net Curriculum

For Kids

Lawn Care Worksheet
Pipe Maze Worksheet
Polluted Stream Worksheet
Stormdrain Cartoon 1
Stormdrain Cartoon 2

Additional Resources

Glossary of Watershed Terms
Watershed Resources — Internet Links
Carolina Clear Toolbox